Pipe and joints

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I. Feature:

Durable and flexible systems;

Anti-Rust paint is applied to inner surface of the plastic/ABS coated pipe for extended service life;

In normal temperature condition, the PE/ABS outside cannot be dissolved in any kind of solution. Concentrated sulfuric acid and concentrated nitric acid just can relieve.


II. Specifications:

 Out layer of resin Material:   PE,ABS
 Inner material:   Steel strip(195L)
 Color:   Silver,white,black,green,red,blue etc.
 Standard  diameter:   28mm
 Pipe wall thickness:   0.8/1.0/1.2/1.5/2.0(mm)
 Pipe inner diameter:   24.5-24.7mm
 Tube length:   Regular 4m,6m,8m ect,or customize allowed


III. Application:

1.various types of tables or combined into different units of production systems, such as lean production.

2.medium and light multilayered FIFO fluent shelves, storage shelves, the radical multi-shelf, shipping chute system, special applications shelves.

3.station equipment, production line assembly station or input materials distribution frame systems.

4.personalized display, business applications, merchandise display stand, creative showcase.



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