Blue Sticky Roller

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  • Product description: Sticky roller is widely used in cleanroom, clean factories, laboratories, hospitals, etc.


I. Introduction

Sticky Rollers provide the most efficient means of removing small particles from flat surfaces such as walls,tabletops,floors,ceilings,etc. The adhesive on the sticky film not only removes contaminations but also provides an inhibitor to prevent growth,which makes it suitable even for general and cleanroom use.The specially designed rollers capture and transfer particles and contaminations from surfaces to adhesive rollers.


II. Features

1. Strong,non-toxic adhesive coating

2. Especially formulated water-based adhesive treated with anti-microbial agent

3. Easy sheet removal

4. Durable,reusable plastic handle

5. Specially designed to efficiently clean hard to reach areas

6. For cleanroom and general use


III. Specification

Basic Material:PE film


Width:4",6",8",10",12",or customized


Package:50/100/200 rollers/carton




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