Anti-static double circuit metal wrist strap

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The anti-static double-circuit metal wrist strap product has a buckle on the outer side of the plastic block which is connected to the conductive webbing on the inner side of the plastic block through the metal connecting member to constitute two independent circuit loops. The plastic block is divided into left and right blocks, two plastic blocks are connected with each other, and the outside buckles of the two plastic blocks were connected with the respective ground line end;Compared with the existing traditional wrist bands, the wrist strap can continue to work even if one circuit fails at any time.



In actual use process, when one circuit is failure, and the other one still can continue to work, reducing the components insulation probability of electronic electrostatic breakdown caused by the the insulation layer, avoid large quantities of scrap or quality to drop, low use cost.and extend the service life of the wrist strap;Anti - allergic stainless steel band.



Wrist strap   Material: two plastic sheets (PA6)
                    Wrist strap: stainless steel elastic band, adjustable length
                    Color: metal
                    Strap specifications: width 1.7cm, length 16cm
Coil              Material: PU skin, copper platinum 7 core, within 1 m Ω resistance
                    Color: blue, black
                    Coil length: 1.8 m, 2.4 m, 3m etc
                    Line diameter: 2.05 mm, 2.4 mm
Head type: audio head
Button type: all copper button, strong elastic copper plug
Button size: 4mm, 7mm, 10mm
Electrostatic discharge time: 0.1s



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