Aluminum-plated bags

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Aluminum-plated bag, according to the unique physical properties of aluminum, is light and shiny, has stong reflective ability, can be used for heat insulation packaging, good barrier, impermeable gas and water vapor, the temperature adaptability is good, the shape is stable under high temperature or low temperature, excellent shading ability,can protect incense, and so on.



structures APET / CPP (semi-aluminum film / polypropylene cast film) has good transparency, relatively hard, feel tough, tear is relatively weak;
APET / PE (semi-aluminum film / polyethylene film) has good heat sealing, good tear, strong pull, feel more soft. The overall color is silver-gray translucent, the built-in is visible.



Ω surface resistance: 106-1011Ω 

Electrostatic shielding residual voltage: ≤ 30V

Electromagnetic interference attenuation (EMI): ≥25db


Single layer thickness: conventional thickness 0.1-0.14mm, can be customized

Edge: 5-10mm

Sealing edge: fold double edge sealing, three edges sealing

Opening direction: short side opening, long side opening

Size: conventional: 215 * 245mm, can be customized

Product appearance: silver gray, translucent, packaging



Used as anti-static shielding packagings for all kinds of PG board, LED components (light article, patch, light bead, reel, etc.), electronics, optical drive, drive, sound card, graphics card and such kind of precision electronic components with electrostatic sensitive.


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