Aluminum foil bag

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  • Product description: The shielding bag can effectively isolate the goods and the external static electricity field, prevent the static electricity generated within the bag, protect the goods from the electrostatic hazard


Aluminum foil bag also called pure aluminium bag. The aluminum foil bag packaging usually refers to the  aluminum-plastic composite vacuum bags, aluminum foil bag is made of aluminum foil and other high barrier material through compound, according to the nature of the aluminum characteristic using three/four layer composite structure, has a good waterproof, oxygen insulation function.It can be made of different specifications of packing bags,such as flat pocket, stereo bag, organ bag and other styles.



Product Appearance and Features :opaque, silver-white, reflective, with good barrier, heat sealing, light-blocking, high temperature sealing, high temperature resistense, low temperature resistense, oil resistance, fragrance; non-toxic and tasteless,soft;The bag has anti-static, anti-magnetic interference, can effectively protect sensitive components to avoid potential electrostatic hazards and prevent static accumulation.



Ω surface resistance: 106-1011Ω 

Electrostatic shielding residual voltage: ≤ 30V

Electromagnetic interference attenuation (EMI): ≥25db

Three layers: PET/AL/CPE

Four layers: PET/AL/NY/CPE

Single layer thickness: conventional thickness 0.1-0.14mm, can be customized

Edge: 5-10mm

Sealing edge: fold double edge sealing, three edges sealing

Opening direction: short side opening, long side opening



Applicable to packing of all kinds of circuit boards, electronic products, precision machinery parts, consumer goods, industrial products and so on. For example: The packagings of PC board, IC integrated circuit, electronic components, various LED industry SMT patches, lamp strip packaging, precision hardware, auto parts,and so on.



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